Project StarOne

The project StarOne

The project for Harley Davidson’s StarOne screw was born after seeing the standard saddle screws we use for our Harley Davidson motorbikes. We wanted to make a different type of screw, like a jewelry, which we could show and flaunt to our biker friends.
Our experience in the production and manufacturing of watches, allows us, to make top quality screws for your motorbike. Our screws are made with high performance materials, and have an excellent finished touch like Swiss watches. All our suppliers are in Switzerland and are the image of high quality and swiss made reliability. This is thanks to the importance addressed to watchmaking by brands such as Hublot and Rolex. After SkullOne, StarOne is the second screw in world created from the knowledge of watchmaking technologies. For this reason, it is considered a jewel, just like our Harley Davidson Motorcycles. It comes with a special key which prevents you from the wrecking the finishing touches on the screw. This is thanks to the plastic cover on the key. This system also helps in preventing against robbery. Each screw also has a unique numeration with which the owner can trace it if it is stolen.

  • Mirror polishing ,also called a black polish, or poli noir, a name it gets from the black or gray shine (depending on the angle at which it’s seen) the finished component radiates. This is a stunning finish and, in high horology, is often found on a wing-shaped tourbillon bridge or a repeater hammer. To achieve that luminous sheen, only possible on steel, the part is gently rubbed in a circular motion on a zinc plate coated with diamond paste, beginning with a coarser grain paste and moving to a fine one. The highest level of polish achievable, it leaves no visible markings on the surface, even under high magnification. The final surface reflects only in one direction, so will appear either to absorb all light and be bottomless ebony, or give off a lucent glow.
  • StarOne is made of 316L stainless steel. This is a high performance material also used in the production of specific components in the fields of watch making and space. StarOne is resistant to corrosion and oxidation, thereby ensuring excellent durability in all weather conditions. It is a screw, a jewel, and a sign of recognition for your Harley Davidson.
  • ADLC Coating Black (Amorphe Diamond Like Carbon) thickness 3 µm , hardness 2000HV(81HRC) for exemple The Space Black stainless steel Apple Watch is coated with diamond-like carbon.



Unlike SkullOne, StarOne with a simple design has been conceived for other locations



On request different possibilities