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Unike's Values

“Unike” is a new Swiss brand, ambassador of “Swiss Made” and Watchmaking technology.
Unike’s core values are: respect for customers and workers, innovation and creativity.
Quality and passion are the driving forces of this new identity of making and giving a difference.

Strada Regina 82a, CH- 6982 Agno


The material and the treatments of Unike products are top quality.  To ensure durability, it is necessary to look after regularly.  Do not use abrasive products. Due to its fragility, be very careful during the installation.


No product distributed by Unike is homologated. Our warranty is limited to the reparation or replacement of defective part within 10 days after receipt date.
The warranty does not cover damages for improper installation, neglect, alteration or misuse.
We do not accept the return of any product damaged or altered due to improper installation.


Unike is absolutely not linked with Harley Davidson Motor company.  The Harley and Harley-Davidson words are used only for descriptive purpose. Words or trademarks linked to Harley-Davidson, Inc., all products with trademarks, OEM number, word, names used by Unike are strictly adressed to be used exclusively as reference.